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Past Puppies & Other Stuff

Welcome to that special place where memories blossomed. 

Nothing gives us more pleasure than sharing

wonderful memories of our precious babies...



Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails... 



Here are SOME of our precious babies who have found new homes




                  Charlotte - SOLD - THANK YOU JAMES, OK!             Honey - SOLD, THANK YOU IZ - AL!





Natasha - SOLD - THANK YOU ANGELA, WI!       Rosalee - Black Tri Female - SOLD - KATY, OK!



              Breeze - SOLD - THANK YOU MARIO, GA!                  Asphalt - SOLD - THANK YOU, FELICIA, PA!



Cupid - SOLD - Thank you Tom, TX!


McGee ~ SOLD ~ Thank you, Taira......................... Bizkit - SOLD - Thank you Jai, OR!



Here's Tony.  Blue Merle Male with 3/4 collar ~ SOLD ~ Thank you, Val, LA



Here's Ziva.  Very Unusual Blue Merle Female ~ SOLD ~ Thank you, Terrie, OK


  Here's Abby.  Spitting image of her Momma.  SOLD - Thank you, Candace, TX



Sophie - Black Tri Female - SOLD!  THANKS MINDY AND JOHN - MS



Silvia - Black Tri Female - SOLD! THANKS SALLY AND JACK, TX  


        Rufus - Blue Merle Male - SOLD!  THANKS JARED!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!



 Alice - Blue Merle Female - SOLD!  SHHHHH  IT'S A SURPRISE...  MERRY CHRISTMAS!



    Emma - Blue Merle Female SOLD!  THANKS BAILEY!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!




Here's Booger - SOLD - TEXAS


Here's Teensy.  She's smart, attentive and petite.   SOLD - OKLAHOMA


SONG ~ Black Tri female with Squiggle Blaze ~ SOLD - OKLAHOMA


Greta ~ Black Tri Female Full Collar ~ SOLD - KANSAS


Reba ~ Black Tri Female Half Collar ~ SOLD - OKLAHOMA



 Bomber ~ Blue Merle Male with "W" on Right side SOLD - NEW JERSEY



Patches ~ Blue Merle Female Full Collar ~ SOLD CALIFORNIA



Ragsley ~ Black Tri Male 3/4 collar ~ SOLD SOUTH CAROLINA           



Topsy ~ Blue Merle Female Full Collar ~ SOLD ~ MINESOTA



Katie ~ Blue Merle Female Full Collar  ~ SOLD ARIZONA


"TATER"  Red Merle Male ~ SOLD



Festus, Blue Merle Male ~ SOLD TX



Juliet  ~ SOLD TX



Wrangler  ~ SOLD  NY



Bailey  ~ SOLD KS



            Stetson ~ SOLD  KS



"SNOOPY"  Red Merle Male   SOLD - FL


"NITRO"   Black Tri Male   SOLD - KS



"TROUBLE"  Red Merle Male - Half Blaze  SOLD - CA



"RUSTY"   Red Tri Male Full Collar - SOLD KS



"DIESEL"  Black Tri Male - minimal white ~ SOLD OK



"SPIRIT"  Blue Merle Female with Half Collar  ~  SOLD



"SHALIMAR  Blue Merle Female - no collar  ~  SOLD FL



    "CASHMERE"  Slate Harlequin Merle Female  ~  SOLD FL



"CIARA"  Black Tri Female with Half Collar ~ SOLD KS



"CHIP"  Black Tri Male with Spot Collar ~ SOLD CT







                    SOLD - MA  ~  ZOE (ANNIE)    SOLD - BITSY - OK             SOLD  - NY   ~   MAGGIE





                   SOLD  - OK   ~   MILLIE         SOLD  -  TX   ~   CHLOE          SOLD  -  TX   ~   SARA









            SOLD  -  TX  ~  MAVERICK               SOLD - NJ   ~  GUS          SOLD - MT   ~   SNOOPY







           "SONNY"   - SOLD   AR                    "ITZY" - SOLD   TX                "AGGIE"  - SOLD   OK








                      "TENILLE"   SOLD - TX                               "PEPPER" - SOLD CA





            "TIKKA" - SOLD    WY             "GIBSON" -  SOLD    AL          "HEIDI" -  SOLD   CA



                                     "DANNY BOY" SOLD - CA             "TY"  SOLD - TX


         "KODA"  SOLD - AZ                    "COLE"  SOLD - AL          "BABE"  SOLD - TX  


                              "BARKLEY"  - SOLD FL             "SNOWFLAKE"  SOLD - TX





"GINGER" - Red Merle Female 
2 Blue Eyes





"SNOOKY" - Red Merle Male
Hazel Eyes with blue flecks







"ANNIE" - Red Tri Female 
1 Blue Eyes






"SADIE" - Red Merle Female  
2 Blue Eyes


"SNICKER 2" - Red Merle Male   
 2 Blue Eyes



"ROSE" - Red Tri Female
Two Brown Eyes





"Rascal" - Red Tri Male   
2 Brown Eyes







"And just what do you think you're doing with my foot????

The "calm" after the storm


Ima Cowboy Remedy (2000 stallion)
Remedys Pistol x Ima Cowboy Rose
Owned by:
Steve & Cheryl Welty of Stevensville, MT

2002 Buckskin Filly (not for sale)
King Travelers Gold x Wooden Excalibur
Owned by:
Gene & Judy Adams of Terrell, TX

2002 Rocking 2R Ranch