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We are pleased to share with you some special comments and pictures from
our customers. If you would like to visit with any of them personally,
we are happy to provide you with their contact information.


A Pet's Wish

Treat me kindly my beloved friend, for no heart in the entire world

is more grateful for your kindness than mine. 

Don’t be angry with me for long, and don’t strike me,

chain me, or lock me up as punishment.

After all, you have your job, your friends, and entertainment.

I only have you.



Whoever said you can't buy happiness

forgot little puppies...

A Boy Needs a Dog - and A Dog Needs a Boy

A picture is worth a thousand words - need we say more?


                     Cameron and Boomer                            Chip and Maverick                     Eric and Koda

Happiness is a warm puppy... or 2...(on your lap)

Whoever said that Mini Aussies are hyper active, better take a look at Tater and Spirit!

It is very typical for Mini Aussies to mirror the energy level of their human family members, and whereever their humans are is where they want to be..

Jane Druff pic

"Our two Mini Aussies at 4 1/2 years old are doing great.  It is amazing how well they get along together.  When we go on vacation, of course they always go with us.  Spirit and Tater are great travelers and well known in many stores where we shop.... " The Druff Family








Definitely one of a kind!

We absolutely adore Gibbs! He is laying here next to me while I am on the computer. Definitely one of a kind! Super silly, funny and so sweet! So glad we found you Judy! He is a member of our family & we love him tons!

We keep him cut a little shorter than most Aussies, but we have lots of adventures to go on! And there are too many stickers around here to get caught in his beautiful coat. He looks handsome either way! Thank you for him! He is the Best!..................... The Ledbetter Family


Here's Abby and Gibbs - they are now 3 years old. I have had so much fun working with them. They are so smart. Both of them have completed their Canine Good Citizenship and I am registering them with the AKC.
Abby is on the left she is 38 pounds Gibbs is on the right at 23 pounds. It was a shock that they are so different. Everyone always think that Abby is the mother. They are a blessing thank you!

The Armstrong Family



Izzy is quite the ham lol, the new baby in town !!! She and Toup(cat) are really playing together now When Izzy goes to sleep Toup will wake her up to play. She's making lots of new friends and loves being with people. ............The Small Family


Nitro is probably the best dog I've ever had. He is very smart and very loving to my kids.

The Smith Family in Arkansas

Nitro really enjoys vacationing in the snow!

Boomer is My Most Loyal Friend!

Boomer is our eternal baby! He never complains about going on my
daily walks twice a day (rain or shine), he is so smart, he reads my mind, he is my most loyal friend and he is gentle as ever with kids, especially babies. Boomer turns 5 November 2012.   Melanie and Paul Wong


BEFORE.... AND AFTER.... Believe it or not... This is the SAME dog! The pictures were taken on the Same day!

And the dog's hair WAS NOT CUT!

Bleu Belle has an incredible coat and She is a Brilliant Girl!


Judy, I believed you when you told me how incredibly intelligent these mini aussies are… but you never said they could TALK!!! Lol. If I wanted a smarty pants kid that was going to talk and talk back to me, I would have given birth to one…lol. You know how they say dogs and owners start to look alike. I guess in my case, instead of looking like me she turned into a wise cracker like me…lol. You ask if you can publish her pictures... You may absolutely publish her pictures in your "Happy Customers" page. You can also publish her picture in the “My Mommy is a Sucker” page, in the “I’m too cute for my own spots” page and the “you must adore me or I will become indignant” page… all equally apply. LOL

Bleu’s herding instinct is very strong - so much so she has become mommy’s little helper. If I yell at any of the cats for doing something they are not supposed to… Bleu springs into action and reprimands them, and usually she either yells at them too, gives them a bump with her nose, a paw on their back or just runs them back over the gate. Sometimes it's annoying when she does it but let’s face it in 4 days I’ll be 48… I don’t move like I used to…

Sincerely, Bleu Belle’s overprotective and very loving Mommy. Catherine M, NJ


Isabella is just over 10 lbs and I love her, she is the BEST dog I have ever owned....she goes everywhere with me-including the Gallery in which I am director of.  She has visitors returning to see her often.....she is usually found lounging across my desk :)

Isabella - Queen of the Fragile Studio owned by Elizabeth Silveira



Watch Diva Fly Through the Agility Course!

Diva on agility

Diva is out of Rocking 2R's Zechanted Princess Annika and Rocking 2R Snicker.

She is making huge strides towards earning her agility title! Congratulations, Diva!

Congrats also to Diva's Mom, Terrie Tomlinson, and Diva's Trainer, Missy Pugh.

Photo courtesy of Eric Bloemers Photography....... http://ericbloemersphotography.com/


A Girl Needs a Dog Too!


We have one HAPPY teenager and what seems like a very happy puppy! 

Rosie is right at home on Maggie's bed, and she likes her own bed, too. 

She's incredibly sweet, and we just love her.  Katy, OK

dogbone divider


"Boy, does he have me trained!"


I decided that I wanted to find out how much he weighed, so I set him on our home scales.  After weighing him, I praised him and gave him a treat.  Later I told him let's go weigh...he trotted in there and set on the scales.  Today I told him the same thing and off he goes.  Each time I give him a treat.  Later  I missed him and went looking for him.  Guess where he was!  In the utility room sitting on the scales, boy does he have me trained.  He is such a smart little boy and we love him dearly.  Debbie Strobel, TX

Bandit is watching the Westminster Dog Show! Even dogs need to set goals!


"Never a problem, from the day we brought her home!"


We took the girls on vacation to Moab the first part of October and they had a blast!  That convinced Dustie that she was really happy to be a part of our family.  Wanda & Jerry Dunlop, NM


"Rowdy - He's the smartest dog I've ever had!"

Buying a puppy from the Internet is a scary and daunting task. Just by searching for breeders you may have come across horror stories of buying unhealthy puppies. This (in combination of being 8 short months from receiving my DVM) is what prompted me to ask tons of questions of any breeder I came across before I looked at any puppy pictures... Because we all know that a cute puppy skews all reasoning. After several months of searching I had almost given up. As soon as I found the Rocking 2R's web page I read everything Judy had posted. I came up with several questions and called her. She greeted me like we had  known each other forever. She answered all my questions honestly and did not dance around the truth. I was impressed with her dedication to her pets and her willingness to talk about them.

Judy has complete medical records for all the litters and she has all of her adults tested for all of the potential "Aussie" problems (hip evaluation, eye evaluation, and MDR). She will willingly tell you what each dog's result is as well. She was even willing to drive my pup to town and have his eyes evaluated because I was worried about Merle ocular problems.  Needless to say I was sold on getting an Aussie from Judy before she even had any pups available.  At the time it was likely that I would have to wait 6 months to get the color I wanted and I was fine with it because no one else could compare.

Judy's commitment to her dogs is very apparent even beyond the medical aspect. She is always willing to talk about her dogs even when it means emailing you back in the middle of the night. Often when you talk to her on the phone you can hear the dogs in the background because she is working in the kennel or they will all be in the house cuddling.

We drove to pick Rowdy up and were allowed to meet the whole crew and her husband, George, and spend time in the pristine kennel.

Rowdy has been such a joy to be around and is the smartest dog I've ever had.  He has only been with us a couple weeks and is potty trained, he can sit, lay down, rollover, shake and paw.

Judy made the experience of buying a dog long distance a great experience and I will likely be a repeat customer!  Lauren Otto, MO

"Domino - We just love him to pieces!"


"Sired by Aussieland R2R Valedictorian out of Sassy Two Socks, Domino is seven months old now. He is in excellent health and he is one spoiled pup! He knows many commands now such as sit, stay, down, shake, and come, as well as the names of several of his toys.  He is very smart and very very sweet! We just love him to pieces!  When I go to visit my parents he LOVES to play with their standard Aussie, Dundee. They are best friends!  I have attached a photo of him sleeping back to back with Dundee and another picture of him by himself. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog! He is very loved and we are all very happy together!  Thank you again!"   Lyndsey Yost



Suzie, Top Dog at the Renshaw household...


      "Susie is very beautiful, personable, and extremely intelligent.  We have such a bond that I recently signed her up to do agility      classes. I've been telling everybody that I have the next national champion!  I do think she has some real talent for it.  She is extremely expressive and sweet, but she's also pretty bold.  She's a really neat dog.  You did a great job breeding her.  You will be happy to know that Suzie is very happy and healthy!"         Karen Renshaw


 "I'm still a baby TOOOOO..."

Ragsley is the "Personal Manager" of the Brayman Family


What a HANDSOME boy!




Mike Finley says "She loves to jump into the bath tub - we are really enjoying her!  She is getting pretty good at herding chickens and ducks, but we can't let her in with the sheep yet because we are having lots of lambs.                               Her favorite play thing is frisbee."


"Henri,"  Princess of the Lo Family


"Henri and I have just completed six weeks of training with a private dog trainer.  As expected, she learned very very quickly...only one or two times of showing her how to do something and she would get it.  We have spent five hours shopping and walking around downtown Palo Alto, including an hour at a sit down out door restaurant and she behaved beautifully.  Everybody told me that it is remarkable that she is so calm given her young age.  There is not a day that goes by where someone doesn't tell me how beautiful Henri is.  She was an adorable and beautiful puppy and has grown to be even more beautiful as a young dog.  I am not biased, but she could possibly be one of the most beautiful dogs out of your kennel!  I love having Henri in my life.  She brings me much joy."   Lilly Lo, CA



"Tucker," Owner of the Welborn Family


Tucker as a pup



Tucker at 1 year old.  "It does too snow in Louisiana!  (once every 10 years....)"

"After the loss of my 13 year old Golden Retriever, I felt like it would be awhile before I was ready to raise another puppy.  I researched the Miniature Australian Shepherd for a few weeks and decided when I was ready for a puppy; this was the breed I felt would best fit our family.  I searched for breeders in our area and was unable to locate any that had puppies that would be available around spring.  I decided to turn to the Internet and came across this beautiful little boy at the Rocking 2R site…"Mr. Tucker" was such a handsome little fellow that I couldn’t resist calling to see if he was still available!  After speaking with Mrs. Judy, I knew that I had found a reputable and caring breeder and that I was ready to have a puppy fill the void of not having a pet in our household.  She was more than willing to answer any questions that I had and provided me with information that helped me prepare for Tucker’s arrival. 

Words cannot even express how much happiness and fun this little puppy has brought to our home!  He is such a smart boy and goes out of his way to please us.  He started puppy obedience classes in January and graduated after only 5 classes…he was then moved to the intermediate classes.  We are always trying to find new ways to entertain him and challenge him mentally…he keeps us on our toes.  He was housebroken in 2 weeks and has not had an accident since then!  His “kennel area” is in our laundry room and he hangs out there while his mom and dad are at work.  His favorite toys are his Puppy Kong and Buster Cube…he loves cheerios and apples!  For the first few months, he had a friend come by every day that let him outside to potty and play, but now he is able to entertain himself without any accidents until mom gets home!  He is truly a blessing in our lives and I am so glad that I found him when I did!

If you are considering purchasing a puppy through the Internet, please be careful and make sure you are purchasing your new family member from a breeder that cares about their pups and has a good reputation…you will most definitely achieve this through Mrs. Judy!  I am asked quite often about where I purchased Tucker and I always make sure that I have Mrs. Judy’s web address and phone number in my purse.  These puppies are truly special because they have such a special person that raises them!!"   The Welborn's





"Thank you Judy for leting us make a deel with my mom . I  promise to take good care of dexter i will love him with all my heart i will send you pictures of him when he is mature so you can see what a great dog he is going to be . thanks again for dexter." 





"Koda thinks it’s HIS job to pull me around on the skateboard and we have to stop all the time 'cause he thinks that everyone just wants to pet him.  AND he is extremely smart, sometimes too smart for his own good! "



Koda is owned and loved by Eric T. of Arizona. 


From the Hardeman's in WY...

"Maggie loves the snow and is the greatest thing ever. Thanks so much for our wonderful family addition!" 


"Everyone in the town loves her!"


" I thought you would enjoy to see how she has grown. Right now she is 21 pounds and 16 inches from the shoulders. Her hobbies are playing catch with tennis balls and going on boat rides.    It is getting cold in northern Minnesota and Ava really enjoys it. She got very excited when we got our first snow fall and loves playing in the snow. She is also fully potty trained since she was 10 weeks old. She is a very good dog and we couldn't be happier with her!"

The Nybergs, MN



"She's a beauty and as sweet as can be.  We all love her!!  Her family includes four humans, a fellow mini aussie, Maggie, two cats, Rex and Timber, and a big old turtle we call Turtlee.  She's very healthy and happy!  Thank you for sharing one of your pups with us.  Can't imagine life without her!!" 

The Okulski Family



"Today we enjoyed spoiling Peanut at two years old, and I thought you may want to see some pics.  He loves car rides, guarding the house, playing fetch, and following us wherever we go.  We are so grateful for our little obedient Aussie.  We will never turn from this breed!"

                                                                  The Klopfenstein's

(Note:  Peanut is mature at 12" and 15 lbs.  What a PRETTY BOY!)




"Maggie" and friends

"We are enjoying Maggie! She is quite adjusted to us and the kids are to her. They enjoy each other greatly."

The Roeske Family


"WHERE is my toothbrush!  I just keep losing it!" - Penny Collins, OK

"Bella Mae"


    " I just wanted you to know how much she has us wrapped around her little paw."

     "Maddie is the best dog we have ever had. She is intelligent, playful, a good traveler, potty trained, cuddly. I am sure she has lowered our blood pressure 10 points.

     Before we had gotten down the drive at your house, she had crawled up onto my shoulders where she stretched out for an hour or so. She liked her bed - which is now her place of refuge. We stopped every hour or so and let her out to potty.

     We have taken a day trip to Little Rock and several trips to the grocery in town, and she goes in her carrier - no problem. She whines whenever she needs to go outside and has been remarkably lacking in accidents. What can I say. She is wonderful.

     At this moment she is sleeping on Frits' feet. She sleeps almost through the night with one quick time outside.

     I just wanted you to know how much she has us wrapped around her little paw."               Frits and Jane Druff


                                                                     An absolutely great experience

     "Although somewhat reluctant, I decided to buy my mini aussie Gus from an internet seller. What an absolute great experience it turned into. Judy is a great lady and absolutely loves to talk about her "babies". She was never too busy to answer our questions and was always available. She was as nervous as we were on Gus' flight day. Our puppy arrived in perfect health, with a great disposition and personality. I strongly recommend Judy and Rocking2R aussies to anyone looking for a great addition to their family."    John and Sandy, NJ




Maverick - Super Dog

So eager to please, so quick to catch on, he was a breeze to train!

"We are so very impressed with Maverick!!!  I've grown up with dogs all my life.  We've had several different breeds from AKC Keeshonds, Labradors and mutts, big dogs to small dogs and we've loved them all.  But I've never seen any dog so smart, so easy to train and eager to please!  From the moment we got Maverick, he was constantly our shadow, following us loyally wherever we went.  So eager to please, so quick to catch on, he was a breeze to train!  So much so that when we went to sign him up for puppy training classes we ran into a problem.  By the time we waited to get his rabies shot, Maverick had already learned everything they were going to teach in the puppy class.  We asked to move up to the next level - the beginner class - and Maverick already knew all those tricks, too.  We finally signed up for private classes not because Maverick needed to be trained, but because I didn't know any more tricks to teach him!Before Maverick was 5 months old, he knew how to sit, lay down, shake, stay, reach up for a high five , bark, crawl, turn in circles (both clock wise and counter clock wise), beg, jump thru a hoop, retrieve, catch a frisbee most of the time - at least when I throw it correctly!  Maverick understands the words:  come, bye-bye, hungry, drink, walk, park, up, go stairs, night-night, kisses, ball, toy, find it, bring it, drop it, frisbee, find us (Maverick even plays 'hide and seek' - we hide and he finds us).  Maverick is learning to put his toys in the basket at night (we just show him which one to pick up), he is currently learning to play dead , bow, roll over and even say his prayers.  He is far and away the most amazing dog we've ever known!!!  Maverick even rings a bell to let us know he wants to go outside!!!! "          

"He is very affectionate - loves to be scratched behind the ears or have his belly rubbed!  He is just as eager to give you kisses!  He also loves to romp and play with our son - Maverick is very fast!!!!  He and our son chase each other, play tug of war and rough house often, but all we have to do is say "sweet" and instantly Maverick is gentle, loving and ready to snuggle.  As much as he loves to play, he is equally content to doze quietly at your feet or cuddle with you as you watch TV.  He blows us away! 

We recently had the privilege of puppy sitting for about a month till we could donate a dog to a guide dog program.  Quite a fun and rewarding experience, but one that gave us a crash course in the differences in breeders.   We purchased a different puppy at a charity auction and planned to donate her to a guide dog program; thought we were just doing a good deed.  We simply took that breeder's word about the quality and condition of the dogs.  Our initial donation became significantly more costly after we visited our vet.  We found out all too late the pup was pretty sick; bad case of worms, bladder infection and respiratory issues as well.  The 'breeder' had separated the litter from their mother after only 3 weeks, so the pup was not socialized at all.  The puppy was so bad we could not in good conscience donate it until we were sure she was fully recovered; healthy and would not bite anyone.  Thanks to his expert care and a few weeks of expensive medicine, our vet made sure she was completely healthy.  But she was still a bit unpredictable - licking you one minute, biting you the next.  Even though Maverick was only a puppy himself, we were astonished to see how he became both teacher and surrogate parent to this new little pup.  Within 3 weeks, Maverick had her well socialized - no more biting - much better manners and he had her ready to learn.  Maverick even taught the new pup to ring the bell - though to be honest, the new puppy didn't know why she was ringing it!!!!  Thanks to Maverick we were even able to teach the new puppy to sit and we were working on lay down before we were able to give her away.  To be totally fair, I had not done any research or background checks on that breeder at all.  We researched breeds and breeders for over a year before we bought Maverick.   Please know there is a big difference in quality of breeders.  We found out the hard way not everyone certifies their breeding stock for hip or eye problems.  Not everyone cares enough to provide high quality dog food - some actually use the generic dog food at the oversized discount stores.  Not all breeders take the time and effort to socialize their new puppies.  Some don't keep their whelping and/or elimination areas clean and disinfected.  Some don’t ever take their new litters to be checked out by a real vet - they just try to guess and treat the new pups themselves to save money. 

Please don't let just a cute cuddly face make all your decisions for you.  Puppies are cute, but you need to do the research to make sure your puppy will be a healthy, well socialized, quality member of your family for a long, long time!  When we bought the other pup, even my daughter noticed just because you don't spay and neuter your pets, does not make you a good breeder.  There is a difference!!!  Talk with the Reynolds, do some checking, see for yourself and you will find as we did, that Rocking 2R is far and away the best place to buy your new dogs!!!!  We did research before we bought Maverick and the difference in quality is night and day!!!!  We spent a bit more on him as a puppy, but less on him in medical bills!!!!!  The little extra money up front is more than worth it to know you have purchased a healthy, well bred, intelligent, well socialized, quality dog!!!  Ms. Judy and Mr. George take exceptional care of their dogs.  They love and pamper each dog and each of their puppies!!!!  Their dogs are certified for eyes and hips, they are breeding dogs not only for great looks, but for loving temperaments and high intelligence!  You get not only registration papers, but full pedigrees.  You also get years of experience - the Reynolds are always there if you have any questions or concerns.  More than getting a puppy, you are getting a new member of your family and you are also getting wonderful new friends!!!  Ms. Judy is very particular about her babies!!!!  There is a difference!  We will never buy another dog from anyone else other than Rocking 2R! 

We know you will be just as thrilled with your Rocking 2R puppy as we are!"


The Chambers family, TX


                  Chip, Maverick & Elizabeth                    Maverick & Elizabeth                Chip & Maverick


You can’t go wrong with one of Rocking 2R’s puppies!

"Dear Prospective Rocking 2R Puppy Purchaser,

We purchased our Red Merle male (Foster) over two years ago from Judy at Rocking 2R. We couldn’t be more pleased with him and Judy’s decision to allow us to purchase him from her. We drove 1,710 miles roundtrip to get him. We would never allow a puppy to be shipped if at all possible. Consider yourself fortunate if Judy does allow you to purchase one of her puppies. She is very particular about who gets to adopt one of her puppies. Before we were allowed to purchase Foster I was very pleased to find out how deeply she cared about interviewing potential owners to make sure the puppies were going to get a good home.

This breed of dog requires a tremendous amount of energy on your part to properly exercise them. They love lots of outdoor running and playing. We take Foster to the forest preserves twice a day for his exercise. These dogs love the water and are great swimmers. They are loyal companions and protectors of your home. They are friendly but wary of strangers. They are great with kids and always will keep a watchful eye on them. They love to be trained and learn very quickly. We’ve put our dog through obedience training and several agility training programs. They love to perform and my gosh are they really fast. If you love dogs, they will give their love back to you may times over. They always want to please you and will be next to your side looking for a kind hand to pet them if they are not sleeping.

You can’t go wrong with one of Rocking 2R’s puppies. I just hope you are worthy enough to be selected to purchase one. We’ve purchased several breeds of dogs (Miniature Schnauzers and Shar Peis) over the past 25 years and always purchased them from private breeders like Rocking 2R. I can honestly say that I have never come across a breeder who cared more about where their puppies will spend the rest of their lives and how much they care for them even after they are sold. Whenever Judy and I talk, she always asks about Foster and how he’s doing. We send her pictures and give her an update about his life. We are now hooked on Miniature Australian Shepherds and would only purchase one from Rocking 2R when we decide to get another one of these fabulous dogs.

Take care of your Miniature Australian Shepherd,"

The Laban Family
Alsip, IL


Dear prospective Mini Aussie owner,

"I first met Judy Reynolds in July 2003. We were looking for a special buddy for our deaf Blue merle, Skye.

We had lost our long time friend, Savvy, 3 months earlier. Skye was going through a severe depression. We knew we had to find her a new buddy. Even though she is deaf we were impressed at how smart he is in picking up sign language. (She was our 1st mini Aussie) We decided we needed to see just how smart a hearing mini Aussie might be. Somehow, I got Judy's name and called her. She interviewed me, (she is very dedicated in making sure her puppies go to good homes), then invited me to her ranch to see the 2, 5 month old male red merle's that she had. We took Skye with us, I wanted to make sure that whoever we chose would be compatible with her.

We ended up choosing our Chili because of the way he responded to Skye. From the first day it was as if he knew it was his "job" to look out for her. I never had to housebreak him. He will not beg at the table when you are eating. His is very protective of Skye and his family. Chili is highly intelligent and listens well, is easy to train, loves to play ball & Frisbee. His favorite activity is anything to do with water, he loves to swim!

If you are considering a mini Aussie I would highly recommend this breed. I would especially recommend getting your dog from Judy. How she handles her puppies from birth until you get them, is testament to how dedicated she is to producing a wonderful dog. Her dogs are well socialized and are extremely easy to handle & train. I cannot say enough good things about Judy & her "babies". By no means am I a mini Aussie expert, but we have 3 now and know there is no other breed of dog for us. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Lauraca1212@valornet.com

I wish you much joy with your new puppy and hope that you will have as much pleasure & love from your puppy as Chili has given us."

Laura J.
Maysville, OK


I can’t wait to get another one!!
"My dog, Jake, has been exposed to a lot of training since I got him from Judy last November. He has been to herding seminars, training classes, and much more over the last few months. Everyone we are around KNOWS AUSSIES and I get more compliments on how natural Jake looks and how unbelievable his mannerisms are. He’s not just smart, he blows my mind!!! This breed is known for high intellect, but he puts the other Aussies (standard and Mini) to shame. Each time I get compliments on my Mini-Aussie, I say, “Hey, it’s all in the breeding!” Thanks Judy, I couldn’t be happier with you and your professional and high class breeding of these angels!! "



© 2002 Rocking 2R Ranch